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Easy Miso Soup

This has got to be the easiest soup ever! It’s a bit of a cheater recipe as in I just use water instead of stock, but it tastes just fine to me so I’m not going to worry over that. This miso soup goes nicely with my easy onigiri for a nice light lunch or if you decide to pick up some sushi (which we totally did for dinner). You could even pair this with some curry if you were looking to round out your dinner.I’m usually weary about picking up sushi at the grocery store as I’ve had some bad experiences, but our Kroger actually has a really nice looking sushi bar. We’ve picked up sushi there a couple of times now and it’s been super delicious (and a bit cheaper) than some of the other places around here.

Easy Miso Soup

We’ve had this miso paste for quite some time now, so I decided it was time to make some soup. I mean especially with this super freeze that’s happening outside, we needed some way to warm up. Plus it gave me the perfect excuse to buy sushi and make rice balls (which I’m always up for). Miso is actually pretty healthy for you, and you can add a bit of seaweed which is also known to have health benefits.

Easy Miso Soup

The seaweed you’re going to want to look for is called wakame. It might be a bit hard to find if you don’t have an Asian grocery store nearby, but I have seen it sometimes at the regular store as well. If you still can’t find it, there’s always Amazon. If you search for it there, you get a bunch of choices. I’d probably pick based on reviews. Then you round out the soup with tofu. I always buy an Asian brand (usually Japanese) since the quality is better. That’s all you need for this soup, and you really don’t even need the seaweed and tofu. Those are just bonus. Make this totally easy soup and warm yourself up during this cold winter!

Easy Miso Soup

  Easy Miso Soup
Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes
Makes: about 6 servings

4 cups of water
3 tablespoons of miso paste
1 cube of tofu, save the other cubes in the pack for another meal
Pinch of wakame, you don't need much as it expands a lot

1) Boil the water in a medium sized pot and add in the miso paste.
2) Cube the tofu into tiny pieces and add to the pot.
3) Keep stirring the paste until it's all dissolved and add in the wakame. Once the paste is dissolved, the soup is ready!


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