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Strawberry Shortcake Trifle by @UpsideDownPear

I just started working at a new place last week, and the people there seem to be super nice. I was crazy nervous and a bit excited when I first started that I had a hard time eating breakfast. But I was able to eat dessert! I mean, it’s definitely time for a bit of celebrating. So I wanted to create another trifle that wasn’t quite as heavy (and a bit less work) than the last one I made. Since it’s been like 90 degrees here, I wanted something that still seemed a bit summery and fresh, so I decided to turn a strawberry shortcake into a trifle.

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle by @UpsideDownPear

The pound cake isn’t homemade. One day, I’m sure I’ll make a pound cake, but I haven’t done that yet and like I said…I’m keeping it simple. So….unless you have a burning desire to make your own, using store bought is totally fine. I crumbled up a slice of cake, sliced upped some strawberries, and topped it off with vanilla pudding! Perfection if I do say so myself.

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle by @UpsideDownPear

This really hits the spot when you want something quick, fun, fruity, and easy. It’s actually quite easy to make on a larger scale, so you could bring it to a party. It looks crazy gorgeous, and no one has to know how simple it was to put together. Tell them it took weeks and that you were lucky to have the time to put together such a wonderful dessert!

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

  Strawberry Shortcake Recipe
Prep Time: 15 minutes   Total Time: 15 minutes
Makes: 2 servings
2 slices of pound cake
6 strawberries, sliced
1/2 cup of vanilla pudding
1) Get two individual sized bowls, and crumble one slice of cake in each bowl.
2) Layer the sliced strawberries on top of the cake; putting about half in each bowl.
3) Finally, layer the pudding on top. It's roughly 1/4 cup of pudding per bowl.


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