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Almond Pretzel Bark by @UpsideDownPear

There’s been a lot of chocolate going around lately. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed. For some reason, it’s just been a chocolate kind of month with little signs of slowing down. Between the chocolate and binge watching Elementary, it’s been a nice couple of weeks. Does anyone else watch this show? How awesome is Lucy Liu! She’s totally my role model and rocks it as Joan Watson. Jonny Lee Miller does make for a very impressive Sherlock, but it’s really all about Watson.

Almond Pretzel Bark by @UpsideDownPear

I decided to make this bark and snack on it while watching an episode. It was wonderful! I’ve now been taking it as an afternoon snack to work. It’s super easy and quite a bit cheaper than what you can get in the store. I will say that it goes fast, so maybe making it in smaller batches is best. I used Baker’s sweet German chocolate, which still seems a bit on the dark side, but you can use whatever chocolate you like best. I do recommend a better quality baking chocolate as it is one of the main ingredients and you will notice it. Do not use chocolate chips! They do not melt correctly due to stabilizers and will everything will just end up in a frustrating mess…trust me on this one.

Almond Pretzel Bark by @UpsideDownPear

Personally, I like dark chocolate better than sweet milk chocolate so I just melted the baking chocolate and poured it on top of the almonds and pretzels. I do suggest that you get roasted almonds for this bark as the salty-ness will help the flavors of the almonds pop against the chocolate background. I made this with unsalted raw almonds. Still good, but the pretzels were much more noticeable due to the salt.

Almond Pretzel Bark by @UpsideDownPear

Either way you can’t go wrong. It’s got chocolate, almonds, and pretzels…I mean who can resist that combination?

Almond Pretzel Bark

  Almond Pretzel Bark
Prep Time: 1 hour   Total Time: 1 hour
Makes: 16 ounces
1 cup of prezelts
1 cup of almonds, roasted and salted are best
16 ounces of baking chocolate, I used Baker's sweet German chocolate
1) Place the pretzels in a zip top bag and break into medium pieces.
2) On a silicone mat, lay out the pretzel pieces and almonds.
3) In batches, melt the chocolate in the microwave at 30 second interval, stirring the chocolate at each interval. When the chocolate is melted, pour over the pretzels and almonds. Repeat until the chocolate covers all the pretzels and almonds.
4) Let it cool for at least 45 minutes or until cool. It will cool faster if placed in the refrigerator.
5) When the chocolate is hard, cut into pieces lengthwise and then break into smaller pieces.


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