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Japan (Asakusa, Tokyo)

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit! As you probably know by now, I’ve been away these past couple of weeks in Japan. There are so many lights and decorations, it’s really hard to believe! They’ve even got a huge tree in the center of town that they light up at night…and of course Hello Kitty is everywhere. There’s even a Sanrio theme park nearby. I think my favorite thing to do in Japan is eat (is anyone even surprised at this??) and even with all the walking around I’ve been doing, my pants are becoming too tight.


(Left: Illumination outside my hotel, Right: Puroland (Where Hello Kitty Lives))

For breakfast I’ve been having onigiri (rice balls) and an pan (bread filled with sweet red bean paste). It may sound a bit weird, but it’s actually quite satisfying! While there is a good Japanese bakery not too far from my home in Michigan, finding good onigiri is very difficult. I will definitely miss them when I return home. I will say for as expensive as everything is the price of food is very reasonable!


(My usual breakfast, minus the onigiri)

The weather here is also much milder than it is in Michigan. No more down jackets for the past two weeks! I can’t explain the joy of being able to wear a different jacket. I know that as soon as I return home I’ll be back to my down until May, and while I do love my down jacket…there’s only so many times you can wear one thing before needing a change.


(Rubbing the ox's head for smarts at Daizaifu Temple, Kyushu)

Please see the pictures below for a glimpse into my trip! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of me at karaoke…luckily I still remembered some popular Japanese dramas’ theme songs so I was able to sing a few Japanese songs.




(More lights outside my hotel, and of course Kitty-chan)


(The other end of the illumination outside my hotel)


 (Both are at Daizafu Temple, Kyushu)

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