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Music is definitely one of the trickiest things about putting together a yoga class. It’s hard to find the right songs with the right tempos for the mood that you’re trying to get your students into. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, and I finally put together a playlist for an hour long class that I would like to move to.

This one’s definitely got a quick tempo to it, so I’d most likely save it for a vinyasa or other hot/quicker pace class. By default, it seems that these songs all kind of focus on relationships of some sort, so yay for getting it done for around Valentine’s Day! Some of the artists in this playlist are fun while other songs are a bit more serious. I think it’s a really good mix and I try to start and end a bit softer and slower than in the middle.

Hopefully, the songs get you moving and help to keep you focused to maybe push yourself just a bit farther, stay in plank just that much long, or keep your breath on track when things get going. I haven’t yet put a class together, but I’m thinking of making one that would go with this music. For now though, you can find some really great yogis on YouTube that have some great flows.

Don’t worry! I’m still planning on getting together more recipes, but I’m still getting back into that grove. I hope to have some delicious treats to go along with maybe a flow next week. Definitely taking some baby steps getting back into the regular schedule.

MeHi! My name’s Alexis and I finally took the leap into blogging after reading so many fun posts by other food bloggers.  I’ve always had a passion for eating, but have never really felt comfortable in the kitchen.  There are so many drool-worthy recipes out there, that I wanted to document my musings in the kitchen both following others’ recipes and becoming brave enough to create my own.  Please take a look around! I really want to hear from you! If you make something, like something, don’t like something, please comment or use the contact form!  Reading your comments really makes my day!  If you’re looking for an easier way to get my recipes, you can sign up for my email and get them directly to your inbox.  I hope to hear from soon.

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