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This yoga teacher training is both kicking my butt and making me feel all sorts of goodness. There is sooo much to learn, and the time that’s required to put into it crazy. I mean, on top of my job, this blog, and the 3-4 hours twice a week classes, there’s also meeting weekly with a small group for 3 hours, and then making sure we get an hour practice in on all the other days plus 20 minutes of meditation at the same time. On top of that, we have to journal about all of this while practicing a yoga meal (which is essentially taking a lot of time with your food to really experience it and no conversation). It was almost too overwhelming for the first couple of weeks. Here’s a picture on my way to the first class (if I had remembered I would’ve taken one after I got home).

Yoga Training

I always seem to go into the class nervous that I’ll forget everything and have to start from scratch, but the people in the class are incredibly supportive and amazing that I always leave feeling incredibly confident and just very positive about everything. Learning everything is exciting, and I am really looking forward to the day that I can begin to get paid to teach!

That being said, I’m sorry that once again I don’t have any deliciousness to share with you guys, but I hope to be back on track by Thursday. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

MeHi! My name’s Alexis and I finally took the leap into blogging after reading so many fun posts by other food bloggers.  I’ve always had a passion for eating, but have never really felt comfortable in the kitchen.  There are so many drool-worthy recipes out there, that I wanted to document my musings in the kitchen both following others’ recipes and becoming brave enough to create my own.  Please take a look around! I really want to hear from you! If you make something, like something, don’t like something, please comment or use the contact form!  Reading your comments really makes my day!  If you’re looking for an easier way to get my recipes, you can sign up for my email and get them directly to your inbox.  I hope to hear from soon.

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